Team Managers and Coaches

Challenger Baseball is a league built on great volunteers including the Managers and Coaches. Each team in our league is represented by a Manager and one or two coaches that are responsible for the organization of their team. Get to know your team Manager and Coach as they will be the leaders of the team and an ambassador of the league.


Angels : Matthew Schmidt, Manager,

Rangers : Trevian Goodwine, Manager,

Red Sox : Jim Patton, Manager,

Pirates : Kenny Hubbard, Manager,


Braves: Eric Northrup, Manager,

Cubs: Kevin Berter, Manager,

Pirates : Kenny Hubbard, Manager (Playing minors & majors)

Adult League

Rays : Carol Wenstrup, Manager,

Marlins : Michael Simpson, Manager,

Nationals : Dave Bucher, Manager,

Reds : Bill Hampton, Manager,